I enjoy experimenting with different frameworks and interaction paradigms. Here are some samples.

My Role:
Research| Interaction Design | Development 

Face Tracking Synth

As a UX designer and amateur musician, I’m interested in novel ways of creating and modifying sound. This is a demo built with openFrameworks that uses OSC to map face tracking parameters (head tilt, mouth width and height, eyebrow height) to certain parameters in Ableton live. You can use your facial expressions just as you would a midi controller. Uses Kyle Mcdonald’s ofxFaceTracker addon for OF (github.com/kylemcdonald/ofxFaceTracker)

Augmented Anatomy

A 3D model of a human heart made interactive in real-time with AR and a webcam. The idea was to create wearable pins that would show a person’s anatomy outside of their body.

Audio Responsive Visualization

Audio visual experiments. Built in OpenFrameworks, based on flocking code by Ben McChesney.