November 7, 2014 - Comments Off on Concept: 3D Modeller for Woodworkers

Concept: 3D Modeller for Woodworkers


This was the preliminary concept for a 3D modeller/assembler geared towards woodworkers. I engaged in ethnographic research and created wireframes and prototypes, but the concept was never taken into development.





The goal was to have "smart" 3D starting forms that woodworkers could quickly assemble and tweak, prototyping their designs without having to become expert 3D modellers.

The proposed outputs were rendered images, a bill of materials, and 2D plans to use in a workshop or send to a CNC router.

I explored the idea of drag-and-drop components with auto-fitting functionality. The software would still provide "detail modes" (such as an exploded view) to allow users to delve into precise construction details such as editing dimensions and joinery. Much work was done creating a hierarchy of components that are commonly used by woodworkers, and establishing rules for fitting.


idea sketch

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